Come Play With Goody!

I attended the Come Play With Goody Event held at MOA Atrium

I meeted and greeted Clara Magalona,Claudia Barretto,Danielle Barretto Julianna Gomez And The Speakers Camille Co, Celebrity Stylist Alyanna Martinez and Fashion Model Divine Lee

First Of All I Would Like To Thank Goody For Letting Me Sit Beside The Goody Girls And I Ate With Them At HEAT Restaurant Shangrila Courtesy Of Jenna Of GOODY!

Me and Clauwie Were Very Close as in we were like sisters forever as of the directionERS in town like Julianna And Clara Don’t forget Me! Of Course as of Clauwie the new directionER on the block she knew so many stuff and information about them and they treated us Jamba Juice And Dairy Queen! I would just like to say thanks Julianna,Clara,Clauwie and Dani! for being so friendly  to me and at the backstage Me and Julianna finished the nachos and Camille finished it with us Alyanna gave a her talk first she was the earliest among the 3 Speakers of that day Camille was tall as me so many celebrities were there from my new barkada to Candy Dizon! Alyanna,Camille And Divine!

Here is a photo of my new BARKADA!

Left To Right Dani,Julianna,Clauwie!

More Photos? You Guys Want More! I’ll Give You More!

Here’s A Photo Of (Left-Right) Dani,Clauwie and Julianna


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