Clara Magalona Featured At Smart Parenting August Issue

Guess Who Is One The Cover Of  Smart Parenting August Issue? Clara Magalona 

I am not much of a fan of the Magalonas but ok well she is bubbly and cutesy in person you will not take it against me right? I Don’t Like Them That Much not like when you look at them i go OMG! IT’S THE MAGALONAS for me when it comes to Clara i am like OK? ahahahaha Clara is the FIRST GOODY AMBASSADOR at the age of 11 she is the new Goody Girl Ambassador for Goody Jenna Says “She Has Her Own Twitter,Blogs,Facebooks and different kind of social sites” according to Jenna She Was Cute And Bubbly At The Goodylicious Barkada Photo Shoot ok for my opinion i was invited to the Come Play Goody Event Goody Girls ONLY! ahahahaha Chosen Guest ONLY! are allowed she also said that Singing Is Her Passion In Life and Dancing Expresses Her Feelings Her Favorite band Is One Direction Those are just some of the things there on the poster there is 10 different photos and why did she choose those photos 

Here are some of the high lights of the Goody Event held at Cafe 1771 

Here is her hair It’s So CUTE! It’s Just The GOODY GIRL PUNCH WAY!  Courtesy Of Blow Out Bar Manila

Blowout Bar Manila Is My Next Post

2012Little Smiggle


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