I decided to get my very own School Bag ahahahahaha just kidding if you follow me on Twitter I have been posting #1DFacts and as of August 29 which was yesterday I had 106 followers in a day from my update of 75 a big difference has been made in my whole Social Life like Since i kept tweeting #1DFacts and Voting For Them @MTV’s Most Shared Contest for 1D they have a total of 8 million,8 hundred ninety thousand and two hundred eighteen Tweeting Votes we kept voting last night and we trended TAKE ME HOME 1D’s New Album and Oppa Gangnam STYLE! until now it’s still trending Oppa Gangnam Style! ahahahahaha I never knew that was a song these days it feels so good to be a 1D Account Holder life is SWEETER than EVER!  any ways I plan to get a Janspot bag no reason JUST WANT ONE that is all  anyways remember Word Counts Update my Word Count Update Now Is 162 (When I Was Writing That It Rose To 174) ahahahaha it is like the MTV for Most Shared Videos I had to keep changing the numbers and had to re-write them again SAD:(  for my self had to waste my energy but i have a reliever J.CO Donuts+Starbucks Java Chip=YUM! BTW my Word Count mow is 217 almost at my regular Word Count hahahahahaha I Have No School Now That is why I am Blogging now it is 10:53 in the morning and i am almost finish with my Blog Post This Morning Later again in the Afternoon What Title Should I Use What Am I Talk About Later Think Think Little Smiggle  For Everyone’s Information Oppa Gangnam STYLE is still trending Follow Me At Twitter @iGoLIAMPAYNE Don NOT forget who I am my Bio Is simple “//August 29 1993!//∞DIRECTIONER∞// its on like donkey kong//Live life one day at a time//1Band 1Goal 1Dream//” See My Bio Is The Best Among the rest (Just Kidding) ahahahahahaha Epic Fail This Ends My Post Of #VOTINGFOR1D and Word Count Updates

2012Little Smiggle






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