Another Advertisement On SoundFreaq’s Sound Step Recharge!

I just want to gush about my newest gadget – SoundFreaq’s Sound Step Recharge!

It’s very compact and the design is simple enough for it to look great wherever you decide to put it – book shelf, desk, even outdoors for when you’re entertaining friends. Yes, the maximum volume is loud enough for a club, in my opinion! AND you don’t have to lug the power cord around because it comes with rechargeable batteries that last for over 6 hours.

It’s also the perfect companion for your iPad when you’re watching videos and you want a fuller audio. The dock features a removable spacer to accommodate most iPad cases and covers, so you won’t need to remove your iPad from its case to dock it. An additional USB power jack in the back means, you can still keep your iPhone charged while your iPad is docked. I love speakers that also charge your iPhone/iPod/iPad while you’re playing music from it!

My personal favorite feature is the fact that I can play music even when it’s not on the dock! Bluetooth!! OH YEAH! All I had to do was download the iOS app (also available for Android) and I could play music even if I was in the other room. Coolio!

Click here for a list of stores where the Soundfreaq Sound Step is available


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