Just One Summer

It may be the rainy season but Elmo Magalona and Julie Anne San Jose treat us with a summer movie with Just One Summer!

In fairness, ang galing ng dalawa magpakilig and the cinematography was beautiful. I cried a couple of times. It’s a beautiful teenage love story that tackles family issues as well. It opened in theaters nationwide earlier today (August 15) and I highly recommend it to everyone! I’m very proud of Elmo Magalona and Julie Ann San Jose

It’s a GMA Movie I might be giving away Tickets for Just One Summer That is why it is you chance to WIN! if you haven’t watch it it’s your time to SHINE AND WIN i will be doing the not sure contest on my next posts  I plan to do a Movie Date for this Contest I am also not so sure because of my Tight Schedule JUST GUESS IF I WILL DO IT OR NOT ? OR A.K.A Maybe Or Maybe Not? ahahahaha 2 Different Questions for the same Thing Have you even noticed i am not using CUTE FACTOR anymore Why? you ask For me i like those but these are a little bit for Adults because this movie is Parental Guidance even though i still watch 

BTW Here is The Just One Summer Poster!

2012Simply Swirls


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