Cirque Du Soleil presents SALTIMBANCO

Only the most ENTERTANING SHOW this month the Saltimbanco! I Love it the whole show was amaZayn the only thing i hate is the usherettes guarding you IKR! it is getting to a whole new level more that 3 usherettes came to our row and kept saying “Bawal Po Ng Cellphone” actually the people are also stupid and the usherettes are smart because the first part the girl already said “Maligayang PagDating sa Saltimbanco una una bawal MAG GAMIT NG CELLPHONE strictly PROHIBITED dito sa Arena” that is the point of the usherettes and seeing them not follow you that is so wrong i mean like they already said it NO CELLPHONES in the theatro i am saying it in Spanish already ahahahahahahahaha! well i barely saw a thing i am seated infront of the Audio so basically i can only see the Fat Ass man doing the lighting the music and what so ever

2012Simply Swirls


One thought on “Cirque Du Soleil presents SALTIMBANCO

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