I have ear infection and it is taking FOREVER! and i realized that i have NOT blogged in 3 Days because i was filling in the final touches why am i blogging early today, well my mom pulled me out because of that and i went to the doctor and asked hime “Doc why does my ears always hurt” …………giving 5 mins. and the answer was “I think because of the weather and i fact that it kept raining that is why”  Ohh…  so I have a count off i only have 1 more day and then Cirque Du Soleil is up! YEAH let me see them put my Hearts Up it is like Ariana Grande is in the house ahahahaha! i saw the full trailer of Elmo Magalona and Julie Ann’s move Just One Summer and We got free tickets to the premiere night care of Clara Magalona and lovely mother Pia Magalona and my sister did not want to watch so me and my mom will watch Just One Summer the whole Magalona family will be there and especially the Love Birds Elmo and Julie Ann to make the crowd go WILD just like in the song LIVIN YOUNG AND WILD AND FREE! ahahahaha 

While blogging looking at the main website of Hong Kong Disneyland and they have a new theme for those who do NOT know entitled Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land they will be having a new one again!

here is a photo as i promised from my past post the name of the new theme park is at the center entitled MYSTIC POINT coming in 2012 and i have to go there with my mom and dad especially my brother he loves theme parks hope it is exciting 

and this time i am sleeping at  the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel! for the FIRST TIME EVER and i will eat with mickey and friends too….. and this time i am eating many not like some i eat so few

Cheers See You MYSTIC POINT in 2013

2012Simply Swirls


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