Hey There Little Fella What’s The Matter

i loved my HALF DAY of BLOGGING with Doggie Stella she does not fell good today and i am so sad to see her sickly and sad sometimes she feels really really “walang ganang look” and i feel so horrible today and i see the fact that she is facing weakness and sadness she might be felling Home Sick she might be missing here family
Will be updating soon! as promised I am back have you read about my trip to watch Saltimbanco You Have not read it yet read it SALTIMBANCO all about the stunts the acting the amusement all at this two hour show in Spanish seeing different amusing things at the One Night Show ahahahaha being dramatic have you guys herd that that Xavier has 3 day Saturdays this upcoming September because of the NO SCHOOL for a Week have you read my post for that SUSPENSION TAKES A WEEK AND SEEING THIS STATE OF CALALMITY thing happening makes me sad

2012Simply Swirls


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