I had a busy bee schedule the whole day and I HAVE NOT BLOGGED in 2 days my look while typing was “Babawi Pag Weekend” and I feel so stressed but I have a reliever Cirque Du Soleil this Friday at the SM Arena and Those were just gifts from Banco De Oro also known as BDO “we find way” have not watched Cirque Du Soleil give you a feed back the actors in the play are so flexible and do their best to give a successful show and they make the best out of each second of the scene and the Story is nice but sometimes i do not get it but i ask my awesome mom to explain the whole scene to me and my brother as promised i am continueing to BLOG well, let’s just say that i am very sick and my ears hurt a lot and while i am in my hospital please be aware and it is almost FR1DAY IKR! maybe you would ask why fr1Day well remember i am “directionER” spoons are my dislikes and i hate it and i love FORKS inlove with it that is why i have THORNsday hahahahahaha and i have WMYBnesday ahahahahahaha I AM SUCH A WEIRDO such a dork anyways I am proud the WMYB was trending for like 2 days and i LOVE IT so much and i am thankful and i hate DirectionATERS especially my friend RICHELLE ANN CLARISSE NGUI my cousin to be exact and i really do NOT like her very much see i have finished one post in 2 days just realized my word count in my iPad3 is ……….drum roll please…….. 0 IKR! why 0 i ask myself why and i am like isn’t it suppose to be a lot already because the words are so many na and i am still egg nog why WordPress why? Ok my Word Count is now 319 and this is it my border line in the blogging world finally done!

2012Simply Swirls


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