A Perfect Lunch

I had the perfect lunch at 32nd Street Taguig City

First,I would like to thank Auntie Imelda  and Uncle Philip for the treat at Japanese Restaurant namely Rose they had the best Japanese  they ha all kinds of SUSHI we had Sashimi and this time the Salmon was Cooked and beside the salmon there was Parmesan Cheese Chunks Sorry No Photo of it Honestly I keep EATING Yokie Emoticons 6 and I need to go to the Gym! more,but NO I do not want to go but you know that is LIFE and it IS GOOD i made a Sentence LIFE IS GOOD!CACTUS Emoticons 25 and it is TRUE!  

continuing my Story of Rose Restaurant I ate All of the Types Of SUSHI! the Grand Total of Sushi we ate were about 55 sushi and that is just for one side for the other side the Grand Total  of Sushi they ate were 66 sushi take note ALL WOMEN! ahahahahahahahaCACTUS Emoticons 25 same emoticon IKR! that is the style in this blog we REUSE the EMOTICONS  

P.S My Word Count is 178 


2012Simply Swirls


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