A Peachy Perfect Sunday

Once Again,GOOD MORNING!Yokie Emoticons 2 I am Happy today because finally I will be Able To See CinnamintCherry CACTUS Emoticons 10 click the Cute Cactus to go to CinnamintCherry’s blog  First I would say to her to read my blog daily  hope see would understand that well i will be eating lunch this moment,but still BLOGGING Yokie Emoticons 31 i am eating this moment ………………drum roll please…………………….. my lunch is Pork Loin and Roast Pork from Merchato’s Stall named Cerving Thanks so much to Ms.Angie for sending it to us we had the best lunch with my sister Jenna Sy we finished it all thanks to your stall at Merchato without you we could not that the best Pork Loin and the best Roast Pork my look was like Yum! this is the best among the rest! and i would love to order again at Merchato F.Y.I my word count is 143 and i am not yet done blogging i have a long way to go! Yokie Emoticons 32 while eating Chuppa Chups life is easy My Advertisement for today this ad will be posted every Sundays ONLY This is my look now Yokie Emoticons 40 ahahahahaha,Now i am buying Korean Ice Cream i look like this emoticon ahahahaha Yokie Emoticons 42 and while licking saying the best Korean Ice Cream this i how i LickYokie Emoticons 12 i am saving the best Ice Cream ahahahaha LOL! i bought it at Mann Hann for P60 and it is looks like a FISH actually i bought 2 so it is P120  and F.Y.I my word count is 244 it is becoming my regular word count about 48 more words and i am in my regular word count

Have a Nice Day!

2012Simply Swirls


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