A Doggie Date With Stella

I had a Doggie Date with Stella CACTUS Emoticons 11 as always every Sunday I have a part with an Advertisement that is about McDonald’s this time!

Moving On,I with Baby StellaYokie Emoticons 13 at Bonifacio High Street we went to the Park where the Other DOGGIES like Baby Stella are there I like Stella’s new Hair Due  Sorry No Photo Once Again but I’ll Try! only on my First Anniversary Blog Post:) That is a PROMISE >3 And here is another Advertisement

Love Ko To McDonald’s CACTUS Emoticons 10  this is now the Advertisement for this Blog Post and next time it is Kentucky Fried Chicken ok? or Happy Lemon ok?

Moving On, I am so HAPPYYokie Emoticons 21today because were going to Edsa Shangrila and I am going to see CinnamintcherryCACTUS Emoticons 10 Click the Cute Cactus to go to CinnamintCherry’s Blog and see her new Blog Post: Tales of The Tweedledate and see the nice story of there friendship

P.S My Word Count is 158 and now I am eating my Snacks My Snack is…………….Cinnamon Roll from Conti’s and Guess Who Delivered it My Favorite Blogger Camille Co!Yokie Emoticons 34and Laureen Uy! Yokie Emoticons 42 

Thanks to Camille Co and Laureen Uy! especially My Sister Jenna

P.SMy Word Count is 325

2012Simply Swirls


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