It was RAINING AGAIN!Yokie Emoticons 33  Last Night

I am once again SAD:( like the emoticon on top that is crying I could not post it last night because i was SLEEPING Yokie Emoticons 40I AM SO SORRY!

 I just realize Xavier is Losing so many Canned Foods,Drinks,Clothes,Cup Noodles @XSCOD  


Moving On, I heading Tagaytay I can not post Yokie Emoticons 40 today like just one ONLY not like my regular posts  but I make sure to make it like SUPER LONG


I am gonna have the WORST  TIME there but I hope my mom would be So LONG at the HospitalYokie Emoticons 39 IKR! why? that Emoticon? Well, I do not want to go I want to hit the Mall and just Shop and look at the Items  I just realized there is a “Word Count” here at WordPress Princess Yvonne Emoticons 46My “World Count” is 134 already ahahahahaYokie Emoticons 27 I am Choking once again I will keep you with my Word Count i will update you every paragrph  Now, I am 161 in Word Count. I need to KNOW what type of blog is the Viridian TeaCupCACTUS Emoticons 10 click the Cute Cactus to redirect you to Viridian TeaCup I have a major question just comment if you KNOW the answer ” What Is It About” i always check i ONLY see SONGS!

if you KNOW the answer please comment just reminding you and my Word Count NOW! is 223 that was from 161 there is a difference of 62 or 64

Bye Guys Bye Newbie Bloggers and Bye Newbie Blogs

2012Simply Swirls


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