Well,I see the RAIN IS COMING ONCE AGAIN  I AM SO SAD the rain  will SHOW UP AGAIN ohh……….. What can we do if it will SHOW UP! 


Up Coming Next!

I am gonna eat my Early Dinner Snack IKR! my Snack is…..(Drum Roll Please……..)  A Chocolate Chip Muffin with a side of Salty Caramel Custard Balls by the way, THANKS CHERYL!

I am so happy when you passed by to send it to me thank you also for dropping by and eating it with me you even brought Niccole and Auntie Natalie we were really HAPPYYokie Emoticons 13my look was like “PinakaMasarap ng Dragonfly Dessert” ahahahaYokie Emoticons 27


Lastly, I would like to thank Dragonfly Desserts and especially Niccole,Cheryl and Auntie Natalie

2012Simply Swirls


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