Here Comes The SUN!

The SUN is OUT!

I LOVE IT when it comes out  and it feels nice to see it I LIKE THE WAY IT WOULD SMILE @ME! I am just JOKING ahahahaha 

I love it I HOPE IT WILL NEVER RAIN AGAINWan Wan Emoticons 4 i FEEL REALLY PROUD that it is NOT GONNA RAIN AGAIN i am not sure ahahahahaha i am CHOKING Click the image to open in full size. 


Moving On, My former maid would come by and visit and it is really ANNOYING I HATE HER “talaga”  she is the former head maid and she is really smart but for me she is actually stuid for me  I also like her like about 10% or more than

Now she has an Infant and she wants to pay a visit to my mom a little talking somethng like that I plan not to show up why? you may ask Well you see I am very BUSY yes I AM A BUSY BEE because I HAVE A BLOG for you guys to read and I HAVE Twitter Army_Of_PAYNE remember I posted about that in my days of posting i think that was last Tuesday or Wednesday

I always see potential in her before when she did NOT bear AN INFANT  you KNOW 1 time I had the determination to say that to her Wan Wan Emoticons 27 and it turned out very nice after that I ate breakfast in the room and she said that to not eat messy and i was like “Sige ikaw nalang kumain tingnan natin kung hindi hyan maduduminha” after she ate there it was messy and I was like “Bakit ang kalat” she said when she was eating she spilled some coffee IKR! she is a MESSY EATER

 That’s ALL! 



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