Well,Guess Who Is OUT? 


Yeah that is right THE SUN it is out since this morning until this afternoon i am very happy that the sun is out Click the image to open in full size. and the rain is GONE just for the week i noticed that Shanghai,China has been experiencing major TYPHOONS namely HAIKUI from the Philippines the Shanghai people or citizens has been experiencing the same thing like us Wan Wan Emoticons 28



Moving On, I went with my mom to GreenHills West to DONATE BISCUITS AND COFFEEWan Wan Emoticons 40 I had a shift like the rest of the ICAns and the OTHER VOLUNTEERS from different schools we were tired yet it was for the poor and the needy their houses were broken and they had to evacuate because of that and i am so sad for them we normals who stand firm and who’s houses were  not broken are very luckyWan Wan Emoticons 13 and others do not have any so we are very grateful to have FOOD,SHELTER AND ESPECIALLY CLOTHES 



P.S BYE RAINWan Wan Emoticons 7




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