Infinite Rain

The infinite rain never stop for the past days and the whole week the students like me experience 1 WEEK NO SUSPENSION

 I should be happy like this cute monkeybut i am NOT surprised? i think that it is really pity for the other people that does  not have FOOD,CLOTHES,WATER and especially Shelter


Moving On, it is still  flooding in our place we experienced the major black out and the major flooding we even saw the dogs playing outside with my flood arising. I was not happy to see dogs swimming they almost died and it almost chocked the plastic bag i got mad at the dog ownerWan Wan Emoticons 2 why did she do that why did she murder the dogs it is God Creation and it is like she is killing God it was so sad to see that I hope it will never happen again especially seeing the dogs choking the plastic bag and all sorts of things like the mud,even cockroaches,sometimes bottles I really made it a habit to let my maids clean our area I always told them to sweep the floor I sometimes help them in all sorts of thing 


That is about it

2012Simply Swirls


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