There goes 2 more days of SUSPENSION

I should be HAPPY like this emoticon, but I am not HONESTLY I think this SUSPENSION has gone too far like people need money,food,clothes and many more but they do not care about it  like the Floods @Marikina and @Mlabon my friend told me that she and her family Evacuated already so sad


Moving On, I have no plans tomorrow because we did not KNOW a thing about the suspension, so I plan to just go to my Cousin’s place maybe even CinnamintCherry‘s Home I am not sure maybe she still has not overcome the problem so maybe i’ll go to my other cousin’s house 


NO SCHOOL I realized i keep eating  I fell so GUILTY! for this week only i miss my friends @ICA i want to see my Class Mates and Teachers (Only Nice Teachers) and The Operations that they are doing like the “Pondo Ng Pinoy” or the time when ICA makes the classrooms a Evacuation Center because San Juan is @State Of Calamity already believe it or not is it a State Of Calamity

That is all for tonight good night

2012Simply Swirls


3 thoughts on “SUSPENSION already a 1 WEEK

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