Hey guys you guys saw this right? from CinnamintCherry yes I Know I also saw it 


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I am seriously pissed. Yokie Emoticons 43

Yes, this may sound really low of me, but my own cousin has been stealing my content for quite a while now. First, she used my username: CinnamintCherry, to make a Facebook page for her own online business. Next, her friend creates a Twitter account with my name! Thankfully, they removed that and so I made my own Twitter to save the username to avoid the use of it in the future. NOW I COME ACROSS THIS.

I won’t even bother checking my grammar in this post. I just really want to let out all the rage. Seriously, there is such a thing called ORIGINALITY. You can’t just steal my life from me. You. Just. Can’t. 

Well, before I found out that she was my cousin, I already reported her blog, so that should work–hopefully.

She claims that it was her friend who did it, but then again, she should know better to delete the posts since it is also her blog account.


I am really happy that she started to take down the posts they stole from me. Hopefully, it’s just as she says and her friend really was the one stealing my written life. And also, I don’t want to see my blog on their’s next time. There are still some posts plagiarized in her blog wherein she just tweaked the sentences a bit to fit her own life, but all in all, it’s still my blog post–just a little more illiterate.



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