1st Goody Girl Ambassador: CLARA MAGALONA

The girls in my family have used Goody products for generations and we can’t be any prouder that my little sister Clara has been handpicked to be an ambassador for Goody’s Goody Girls Collection!!

WHAT A BABE!! She’s growing up so fast :’)

Manila, Philippines  – Being a girl is awesome!  You get to dress up, wear really pretty stuff, color your nails and even accessorize and highlight your hair!  And Goody Girls has a neat collection of youthful, fun, colorful and playful accessories to achieve that fabulous hairstyle for any occasion!

Here Are Some Pics!

And just like the cute and bubbly Clara Magalona, Goody’s girl on spotlight, she possesses that vast, far-reaching potential to enhance a mood, create a smile, and finish a style that comes oh so naturally!

Smart and perky, and with her amazingly wide vocabulary, Clara cheerfully talks about random, sensible stuff, gives beauty and fashion tips to her fans, shares about the latest trends and even let her followers take a peek into her own unique, personal style.  ”What’s amusing is these followers are not just kids her age but teenagers, working women and mommies too,” Jenna exclaims.

And just like how she caters to all ages, the Goody Girl line definitely has a style, color and function fit for anyone – whatever age one has. So no matter how young you are or how old you grow, you can also be a Goody Girl just like Clara Magalona!

The Goody Girls collection also comprises of products form the Goody Ouchless line, the Goody Stay Put line and is available in all leading department stores nationwide.


I went to her press conference last Thursday and I teared up a little bit because she made me so proud!

She’s got naturally dark golden waves but that day’s curls were courtesy of Blowout Bar Manila (which I’ve yet to blog about!)

3 Generations=3 Goody Girls

This is Via     Spell Saab

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