It’s raining so hard again. Wan Wan Emoticons 60 Earlier today i was sleeping with my dog STELLA! and it started to have thunder and lightning She was so scared and we thought that there would be NO BLACK OUT unfortunately there was and it took 8 boring hours of my time so we just sat there waiting for 8 hours we did not expect the BLACK Out!

Well I just experience the moment that my sister cared for me FINALLY CELEBRATE HOORAY

We ate @RoseRestaurant we had to eat about 50 sushi with my family take note ALL GIRLS . IKR!Wan Wan Emoticons 36 were getting fattier than ever

The sushi was like heaven. Their ice cream is really better than the regular ice creamwe were @Serendra  A.K.A Bonifacio Global City 

We went to Fully Book i thought of buying Smencils Wan Wan Emoticons 48  but it is VERY EXPENSIVE in fact I had no choice to NOT BUY ITWan Wan Emoticons 47

My throat still aches and I have to eat the GOLDEN PILL does not sound familiar to you?

It is when you have soar throat and at the same time cough it tastes like POOWan Wan Emoticons 57 IKR! who would eat POO! but it helped me alot i did not have to sacrifice a week just like 3 days

So That’s ABOUT ITWan Wan Emoticons 4


2012 Simply Swirls


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