Yokie Emoticons 43I feel really sguilty for wasting 8 sheets of bond paper. My friend came over and printed useless things like what she will buys in the future

It’s a waste if she has her own printer . Yokie Emoticons 56 I think it is STUPID of here to do that since she was a GUEST yah who heard me right she is IKR! she does not have a right to use my PRINTER

Moving on, please congratulate me for finally making a Twitter account! Yay! I’m still not using it though. “army_of_PAYNE” Yokie Emoticons 52



For the first time in weeks, I feel so guilty I HATE IT WHEN I WASTE INSTEAD OF SAVING


. CLASSES WERE SUSPENDED. Yokie Emoticons 79Awesome, right?

Omg. Yokie Emoticons 26




2012 Simply Swirls


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